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Lamb Cuts

Carvery Leg

An easy carve version of a traditional favourite. Tender and juicy.


Backstrap & Tenderloin

Perfect for a special occasion or in a salad – serve slightly pink.

Butterflied Leg

Superb for the barbecue, so easy and delicious.


Frenched Rack

Sweet and tender – a great treat to serve with drinks.

Boned & Rolled Shoulder

Tasty and succulent – great for a dinner party.



Perfect for lamb salads or served as mini roasts.

Danish Shoulder

Great slow roasted. Delight dinner guests with a hearty, scrumptious meal.


Lean Mince

A natural partner with any Mediterranean recipe.


The most tender part of the lamb. Romantic dinner for two.


Thyme Patties

Our Thyme Patties are legendary.