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Maewa Station

Maewa Partnership is a third generation O’Neill Family farming business comprising 5042 hectares. It is run by brothers Pat (married to Catherine with children Tim, Sarah and Nikki), Mike (married to Anne Marie with children Bridget, Sam, Alanah and Tom) and Chris (married to Linda with children Caitlin, Michael and Daniel).

Maewa Station is a 3143 hectare hill country property situated on the Parapara Highway midway between Wanganui and Raetihi. The Station is complemented by coastal finishing and cropping properties at Turakina (1309 ha), Fordell (357 ha) and Santoft (233 ha).

We run 18000 ewes with 13000 farmed on the station. 5000 are mated on the coastal blocks at Turakina and Fordell, and these lamb in July.

We winter up to 2000 Angus, Angus/Hereford steers with R 2yr steers on the station and R 3yr steers on the feedlot at Santoft being finished on maize silage and baleage on a winter finishing contract.

We grow 320 hectares of maize, comprising 160 hectares of maize grain, 70 hectares of maize silage for our own use on the Santoft feedlot and 90 hectares of maize silage for sale to the Dairy Industry. The maize is grown in the Turakina and Whangaehu valleys with fertile flats consistently yielding 14 tons per hectare of grain and 21 tons per hectare of silage.

We have an annual re-grassing programme of 80 hectares to give consistent quality of feed for lamb and beef finishing. A further 100 hectares of chicory and/or hunter are sown for lamb finishing.

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