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Marua Farm

1965 saw the farm move from traditional breeding to develop a successful Coopworth Stud (Marua) which continued for 30 years. During this time, performance recorded traits were utilised to improve sheep breeding - unseen in other breeds of the day.

In 1995 when national ewe numbers started to reduce and due to increasing dry climatic conditions, it was time for change. The last rams were sold, and the farm was converted for prime lamb production and finishing.

Early lambs (born at the beginning of June) are ready for sale from the end of September into early October. This fits with the warm winters and very dry summers the region is known for.

Supplementary food is grown for twin ewes and lambs.

The farm maintains high yields with a limited use of chemicals, and environmental impact is minimised. About twelve hectares is regrassed each year with a clover/plantain ryegrass mix following a summer brassica crop.

Six hectares of olives were planted in 2000 to compliment the long dry summers, with fruit producing both extra virgin olive oil and marinated olives.

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