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The Coastal Spring Lamb Farms

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Coastal Spring Lamb Farm WashpoolCoastal Spring Lamb Farm AkitioCoastal Spring Lamb Farm Haupouri StationCoastal Spring Lamb Farm Rotokawa 


We invite you to celebrate spring with our sensational new season’s Coastal Spring Lamb®.

 ‘Tunnel Hill’ is the home of Coastal Spring Lamb®. The property is owned by the Redmayne family and was purchased in 1936 by Richard Redmayne’s great grandfather for its warm coastal location.

“Tunnel Hill” and a select group of intergenerational family farms on the North Island’s west and east coasts produce Coastal Spring Lamb®. Our lambs are some of the first spring lambs born in the country each year.

Our pristine farmland is the perfect place to produce top quality food, which is what our families have been doing since early last century. Coastal Spring Lamb® is carefully reared using skills and knowledge passed down through many generations. Each lamb is hand selected to ensure only the very best are presented to you.

Coastal Spring Lamb® is tender, succulent and full of flavour. The secret to this lies in the spring pasture, which is lush ryegrass mixed with clovers and herbs.

Coastal Spring Lamb® – keeping New Zealand’s best right here for New Zealanders to enjoy.


 Coastal Spring Lamb family farm locations