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Brewers @ Brewer Farms

Brewer Farms is a family partnership. Brothers William and Richard with Richard’s wife Jenni and their two children Philip and Hannah. Our mother Judy still lives on the farm and takes an active interest in the farm business. Philip is a pilot. Hannah has just completed a sheep and beef course at Taratahi Agricultural Training Centre and is passionate about a career in agriculture.

Three generations of the Brewer family has farmed in Hawera for just over 100 years.

Many years work has gone into developing a farming system that grows quality produce and makes the best use of the farm resources.

We are proud to be part of the ”Coastal Spring Lamb” team, producing the very best spring lamb that is now available locally in New Zealand.

Our favourite dish would have to be lamb leg steaks cooked quickly on the barbeque with a little seasoning, and served with new potatoes and a fresh salad. Best eaten on a summer evening on the deck, with a sea breeze and a view of the sun setting on the mountain.

Brewers @ Brewer Farms