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Hansens @ Haupouri Station

We are a large family farming operation stretching along the East coastline of Ocean Beach in Hawkes Bay. Haupouri Station has been in Juliet Hansen’s (Avery) family since the early 1860’s.

Warwick and Juliet have been farming Haupouri and Okahu for 30 years and recently Hilary (eldest daughter) has come back to run the farm.Hillary is the 7th generation of the family to farm Haupouri. Alongside the two farming properties, we also run a large sport horse breeding and training business.

Being the largest breeder in Australasia, New Zealand Performance Horses is becoming a well-known brand. We are lucky to have Bridget (youngest daughter) competing both in New Zealand and Australia, show jumping and marketing New Zealand Performance Horses.  

Visit the New Zealand Performance Horses website here...

Hansens @ Haupouri Station