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McIlraiths @ Washpool

The Washpool Farms pride themselves on producing some of the earliest and tastiest lambs on the Wairarapa Coast and are faithfully farmed by the fourth generation of their original descendant Mary Sinclair.

The land was originally farmed with the local Maori iwi as part of the “Te Whaiti-Sinclair” partnership and encompassed some 10,000 hectares.

Over time the holdings were distributed to the various families involved. The McIlraith family farm features the signature “Wash pool”, which was so called because it was the pool where everyone bought their sheep to be washed before shearing.

Our family enjoy nothing better than gathering around the BBQ to enjoy a boned out leg of lamb with a cold beer, whilst watching the sun set and silhouette the magnificent Kaikoura Range. We hope you enjoy your Coastal Spring Lamb as much as we do.


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McIlraith @ Washpool