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Tunnel Hill

'Tunnel Hill’ is a 1005 ha coastal property with soils ranging from river silt to sand dunes. The main enterprises are Sheep, Beef, Forestry and Maize.  The biggest strength of the farm, due mainly to soil type, is the winter and all systems are set up to utilise this.

We run 300 Angus cows mated to Hereford bulls, with all calves sold as weaners. Brewer Farms, one of the families supplying Coastal Spring Lamb have purchased our annual draft of weaner steers since 1996. Our weaner heifers are purchased for breeding by Waipaoa Station in Gisborne. We in turn annually purchase our replacement heifers from Te Mania Angus Stud in the South Island.

We currently run 3500 ewes and start lambing in June. Our warm coastal location and free draining soils create the perfect environment for early lambing.  

We grow 150 ha of maize grain on a mix of sand and alluvial soils. The sand area is irrigated by a centre pivot. Just over 2000 tons of maize grain is produced annually, which is used in the dairy and poultry sectors. Tunnel Hill won the Pioneer Manawatu/Rangitikei Maize Grain Competition in 2011 with a yield of 19.19 tons per hectare.

As part of our environmental plan for Tunnel Hill we are systematically fencing off our erosion prone sand dunes and planting them in pine trees. To date we have planted 181 ha. The trees provide shelter and shade for the livestock, in addition to the soil stabilisation benefits.

Tunnel Hill aims to be a sustainable, environmentally focused business that delivers a superior product to you, our customer.  

Simon Perry, Tunnel Hill's stock manager and Jim Mant - hope you enjoy your Coastal Spring Lamb.

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