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The Washpool Farms nestle around the Coast of Cape Palliser Bay and can claim to be one of the southernmost farms in the North Island.

The land was originally farmed with the local Maori iwi as part of the “Te Whaiti-Sinclair” partnership and encompassed some 10,000 hectares.

The Farms stretch from the rugged coastal shoreline right up to the Aorangi ranges where the sheep share their grazing with the wild pigs and deer that roam freely from the Bush.

There are 5,000 ewes on the properties with the earliest ewes lambing in July on the 900 acre Kaiwaru farm, Kaiwaru has it's first draft of lambs off the mother in November. The lambs that are born on the 2000 acre hill farm are then moved to Kaiwaru to be finished.

Washpool trading as Kaiwaru Trust


Visit the Washpool Coastal Retreat website here...

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